Cut down the damn tree and give it to the Horners!

Posted by | December 26, 2006

I’m a hillbilly from way back, a hillbilly from West by God Virginia. My branch of the Horners had gone West after the Revolution and they settled in western Virginia. They lived in this little town called Lumberport. There were so many of the Horners out there that they tell a story about one Christmas (they were all Baptists) they had a Christmas celebration with a tree and lots of presents for everybody. At the Christmas celebration they were giving out the presents — John Horner, Mary Horner, Jimmy Horner, Paul Horner. Finally some old farmer in the back piped up and said, “Cut down the damn tree and give it to the Horners.” That was typical. They were all over.

James E. Davis
b. 1901 Clarksburg, WV
1971 interview

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