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Traveling this holiday season?

Grab yourself an atlas or a map and whatever you do, drop by and say hello to the folks in: Big Ugly, WVBucksnort, TNBugscuffle, TNBugtussle, KYBumpass, VAChicken Gizzard, KYCroaker, VACrum, WVCrummies, KYDefeated, TNDifficult, TNDo Stop, KYDuck Town, TNFinger, TNFrogtown, VAGoochland, VAGoosepimple Junction, VAGum Neck, NCHooHoo, WVLooneyville, WVLost City, WVMonkeys Elbow, KYMousie, KYMud Lick, KYMutt, VANameless, […]


Ho Ho Ho!

During the Great Depression of the 1930s the Coca Cola Company created the image of Santa Claus that persists to today. Coke hired a Chicago artist to create a Christmas advertising campaign. The artist, Haddon Sundblom, produced a new archetype for Santa Claus. America during the Great Depression needed a hearty symbol of happy consumerism, […]


Christmas was the only day we had oysters

I detested oysters and perhaps that is why I remember this part of the day. I often sat in the kitchen and watched my father fix these oysters, dipping them in an egg mix and then coating them with cracker meal. We did not have the traditional Christmas dinner of turkey. We had chicken because […]


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Here’s an Appalachian Christmas carol collected by John Jacob Niles

“Jesus the Christ is born,” first recorded in 1934 in Sevier County, Tennessee: Jesus the Christ is born, Give thanks now, every one. Rejoice, ye great ones and ye small, God’s will, it has been done. Ye mighty kings of earth, Before the manger bed, Cast down, cast down your golden crown From off your […]

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