Traveling this holiday season?

Posted by | December 20, 2006

Grab yourself an atlas or a map and whatever you do, drop by and say hello to the folks in:

Big Ugly, WV
Bucksnort, TN
Bugscuffle, TN
Bugtussle, KY
Bumpass, VA
Chicken Gizzard, KY
Croaker, VA
Crum, WV
Crummies, KY
Defeated, TN
Difficult, TN
Do Stop, KY
Duck Town, TN
Finger, TN
Frogtown, VA
Goochland, VA
Goosepimple Junction, VA
Gum Neck, NC
HooHoo, WV
Looneyville, WV
Lost City, WV
Monkeys Elbow, KY
Mousie, KY
Mud Lick, KY
Mutt, VA
Nameless, TN
Nitro, WV
Nuttsville, VA
Odd, WV
Oddville, KY
Ogle, KY
Only, TN
Ordinary, VA
Paw, WV
Pinch, WV
Rabbit Hash, KY
Smartt, TN
Spring Lick, KY
Static, TN
Sweet Lips, TN
Tick Bite, NC
Toast, NC
Typo, KY
War, WV
Whynot, NC
Yum Yum, TN

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