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“Tweetsie is a nickname for a passenger train on the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad. The width of track is 3 feet, therefore is called a narrow gauge road, this road terminates at Boone, North Carolina a distance of 65 miles from Johnson City, Tennessee. “At the given signal, we leave Johnson City, […]


Stalagmites, Stalactites, Moonshine

West Virginia’s largest and most beautiful caverns, Seneca Caverns, are located in the Appalachian Mountain range. Huge chambers provide majestic views for visitors and photographers, and great hiding places for bootleggers, horse thieves and murderers. “In Prohibition, people used to make moonshine in caves all the time,” says Katie Maloney, a guide for the Mountain […]


"If you didn’t do it right, then they’d run you off"

King Coal built the company town in West Virginia. Miners worked at the company mine, shopped at the company store and lived in company houses. One of the earliest coal camps on Coal River was established at Montcoal, shown on early maps as “Hecla.” Carmel Burnside, who was born there in 1913, said the towns […]


"Snow so heavy we’d be without electricity for weeks"

Hemlock, WV was once a booming town that boasted two school houses, a post office and a general store. Today, only a few homes and the Mt. Olive United Methodist Church remain. According to Hemlock area resident Stacy Hinkle, the rough winter weather may have been why many Hemlock natives moved away. “It was pretty […]


"Daddy, that man ISN’T dead!"

“We were brought up the Christian way: to love everyone and to do no harm to anyone. My parents participated in all aspects of community life. My mother served as the town’s midwife, ushering all the neighbors’ children into the world. The Hogans, who lived next door, had three sons. Two of their sons, Wesley […]

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