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Come All You Virginia Girls

Oh come all you Virginia girls and listen to my noise Don’t you court no West Virginia boys If you do your fortune’ll be Johnny cake and venison and sassafras tea Johnny cake and venison and sassafras tea Well, when they come a courtin’ I’ll tell you what they’ll wear Old black suit just about […]


Land fishing for Molly Moochers

Their scientific name is Morchella esculenta, but to mushroom fans in Appalachia they’re dry land fish (yes, they do taste fishy when fried up) or molly moochers. Elsewhere in North America the hard-to-find morel mushroom is also known as a yellow morel, common morel, sponge mushroom, honeycomb morel, or haystack. Many European languages share similar […]


They weren’t too beaten down

Sunday school picnic. Much of the food brought into abandoned mining town of Jere, West Virginia by “neighboring folk” from other parishes. There is a great deal of “hard feelings” and many fights between Catholics and Protestants. Miners as a whole are not very religious, many not having any connections with church, though they may […]


Religious persecution, well oiled

On June 29, 1941, Charles Jones, C.A. Cecil and eight other young Jehovah’s Witnesses from Mt. Lookout, WV drove to nearby Richwood, WV “to distribute literature of the said religious sect.” Three of the Witnesses stopped off at the Town Hall to inform the mayor of the nature of their work and to request police […]


At age 87 she’s doing well in the first grade

“Aunt Betty Arnett lived 87 years of her life unable to read or write; she lives far back at the headwaters of Licking River in Magoffin County, KY. She is now doing well in the first grade in literacy classes offered in the mountains.” Photo caption by George Goodman 1939 photo describes ‘The Education Project,’ […]

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