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You scream, I scream, we all scream for…

Get the ice cream maker out! It’s summer, and there’s nothing so fine as freshly made rock salt ice cream. Just make sure you gather every kid in the neighborhood to take a turn cranking the dang thing. In 1843 Nancy Johnson developed the first hand-crank ice cream maker (her basic design of the freezer […]


Supporting her family

Caption to the photo reads: “Pike County, Kentucky. Mother of two children (husband is tubercular and bed ridden) supports her family and buys necessary medical supplies with her WPA wages.” Goodman-Paxton Photographic Collection, 1934-1942University of KentuckyDigital ID: kukav:64m1:833 Pike+County Kentucky WPA +appalachia appalachian+history history+of+appalachia Tweet Send to Kindle


Indian tales told by firelight

“Here are some of the Indian tales I have heard. I don’t remember the names of any of the whites or Indians involved in these stories. The old folks used to tell us children these tales while we sat before the fireplace at night. “In Indian times, the whites would put pickets out about the […]


You’ve been fooling me, baby

I don’t want you any more, mama Ain’t no use in you hanging around For I found another mama, And now I am Chicago bound You’ve been fooling me, baby You’ve been telling me your lies When I thought you were an angel Just sent down from the skies Sing those parting blues to me, […]


Just settin’

“Such things as shelling peas or shucking corn took place on the front porch when friends and relatives came over to help. During the hottest time of the summer, some front porches that were screened, contained beds to sleep in. These were called “sleeping porches.” The residents of the home would escape the heat of […]

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