Our own swimming hole

Posted by | July 3, 2007

“We had our own fun. We swang on grapevines and we had a seesaw. And we made our own merry-go-round. We went fishing. We fixed our own pond and had our own swimming hole. Of course we had to work hard before we could play.

“[One game played back then that nobody knows about now is] Antknee Over. Somebody would get on one side of the house and somebody on the other and you had to catch that ball before it hits the ground and you run around the house and tag them. You holler “antknee over.” And then we played whip-crack. You line up in a line and the person on the end really got it. You run with them and you come around and snap them. When we was in the boggle school, we was little then, and we used to play in the leaves.

kids in a swimming hole“We had ballgames, and jack rocks. We read a lot. We read anything we could get our hands on. Mother didn’t allow us to read funny books. Mother didn’t think we should read funny books, but we’d hide them and read them. There was a series of mystery books that had a lot of sequels and my sister always got them, she’d borrow them from other people. We read them a lot. We was great readers and I still do a lot of reading.”

Georgia Havens
Suiter, VA
Born 1928
Interviewed 2001
Bland County (VA) History Archives


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