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Keep your eye on the black snake over the door

The Spring House was a common site at many farms in the past. It was a pre-electricity version of a refrigerator – a crude structure built into the side of a hill with a spring running through it. Cool waters helped the farmer to keep milk, cheese, eggs and other perishables fresh. Under the best […]


Doc Brown the Grave Robber

Please welcome guest blogger Bob Sloan. This is about a man who’s a legend where I live, a man who once walked the same ground as the rest of us, but left such a track more than seventy years after his death in 1935, people still talk about him. When I was a boy it […]


Daddy’s mother, my grandma

Please welcome today’s guest blogger Debra S. YoungbloodThis article is an edited version; original post is here.Grandma was born in the late 1800’s. She was kicked out of her father’s house when her mother died and he remarried. She was seven years old. She found a place to work, cleaning and cooking, and lived there […]


Tossing the caber

If you missed the Gatlinburg (TN) Scottish Festival & Games back in May, or can’t wait till November for the Scottish Clans of the South to gather in Hendersonville, NC, don’t panic. The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, NC is the largest assembly of Scottish clan society members in the world, and it’s coming […]


Our own swimming hole

“We had our own fun. We swang on grapevines and we had a seesaw. And we made our own merry-go-round. We went fishing. We fixed our own pond and had our own swimming hole. Of course we had to work hard before we could play. “[One game played back then that nobody knows about now […]

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