The city was awakened by nineteen lusty charges of dynamite

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Richwood, WV Aug 26, 1937 — “The Cherry River Navy’s flagship ‘Clothespin’ is riding at anchor this morning, resplendent in gala attire awaiting her christening this afternoon in ceremonies to be attended by the Governors of Maryland and West Virginia, both Admirals, by Congressmen Andrew Edmiston and Jennings Randolph, also Admirals, and some five hundred line Admirals coming here from points all over West Virginia and many adjacent states to participate in the colorful ceremonies, the Admirals banquet and ball featuring today’s program of Spud and Splinter Festival week.

“At dawn this morning the city was awakened by nineteen lusty charges of dynamite, the salute from the flagship to the Admirals of the Navy. Shortly afterwards a bugler, supposedly on board the flagship anchored off Fork Mountain Light, blew revilee [sic]. At ten o’clock this morning Admirals will begin to call at headquarters here, where they will meet Admiral E.C. Bennette, M. D., chief of staff.

Spud and Splinters Festival 1937“Following the Spud and Splinter Parade which takes place at two o’clock, Admirals will assemble at the high school campus on the banks of the Cherry River for the ceremonies relevant to presenting the colors, the christening of the ship and retreat. The banquet follows at six-thirty and the Admirals Ball staring at nine-thirty will bring the Navy Day program to a close. Admirals, Governor Nice of Maryland and Governor Holt of West Virginia, with their ladies, will lead the grand march at the Admirals ball.

“Last night more that fifty Admirals were in town. Telegrams and letters received indicate that this number will be augmented and increased six or eight times by today at noon when Admirals have been asked to report for duty. Due to rain Admiral Harry W. Nice, Governor of Maryland, who left Annapolis for Richwood yesterday morning, wired that his arrival would be delayed until around noon today. Governor Holt will join his ship-mates here about noon along with a dozen or so other Admirals from State Departments in Charleston and business men of that city.

“Other delays in arrival are being occasioned. For instance Admiral Fred Thompson, commander of the Battleship ‘Times’ of Mannington wired the radio officer on the Clothespin, ‘Delayed by maneuverings in another port. Steam is up ready to sail in case of attack. Communicate in code.’ There are likely other delays from similar causes.

“Admiral Frank Woods of Jerryville arrived last night. Asked if any of the lumberjacks from that section planned to attend the festival, Woods stated. ‘Only a few,- I don’t suspect that more than a hundred will come in for it.’ It has been planned to have a squadron of Lumberjacks participate in the festival parade this afternoon.”

The Nicholas Republican
Richwood, WV
August 26, 1937


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