Don’t kill snakes on the Sabbath! Or else.

Posted by | August 24, 2007

“Another Floyd County murder-victim, his skull crushed, the body of 20-year-old Wilson Kidd, of Mud Creek, was hauled from the Big Sandy River at Harold, Sunday.

“Because of renovation started this week on the circuit courtroom, the September term of that court may have to be held in some other building, Circuit Judge John W. Caudill said this week.

Floyd County, Kentucky - Prestonsburg Court House 1942Floyd County, Kentucky – Prestonsburg Court House 1942

“Green Castle, 35, of Hueysville, was shot and instantly killed by three blasts from an automatic shotgun, Sunday, at Hueysville, when a neighbor objected to Castle’s killing of a snake on the Sabbath.

“Congressman A. J. May informed County Judge W. L. Stumbo, Monday, that federal aid in the restoration of roads in flooded sections is now available through the state highway department.

“Fire destroyed the Floyd County relief office and all its records in the Fitzpatrick building on the Mayo Trail, here, Wednesday morning.

“Raids made on three West Prestonsburg establishments, Saturday night, by Deputy Constable Ike Fitzpatrick and Dave Horn, netted several gallons of whiskey.

“Wielding a red-hot putter, E. E. Clark won the Abbott Heights golf club championship, Sunday, and is now set to compete for the Big Sandy title, presently held by Dr. Paul B. Hall, of Paintsville.

“Approximately 1,000 employees of the Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company, and members of their families, enjoyed the Company’s annual picnic at Maytown recently.”

Floyd County Times,
Prestonsburg, KY
August 24, 1934


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