The booger man’ll get you

Posted by | November 28, 2007

“We were out playing one Sunday evening and it was cold as blue blazes. It was blowing a little blue snow I believe. And Daddy, he had always been strict about things, and he didn’t want us out that evening. It was just too cold for any of ust to be out there but we went on anyway. He couldn’t get us in the house, without just whipping us and making us stay in the house.

the booger man “Daddy had an old face mask. We called it an old dough face and it had a beard, you know. It had eyebrows, and old hair on the chin. Daddy put that thing on and he put an old black coat on and and old black hat. And we knew Daddy had this now all the time but when it happened we didn’t. It scared the daylights out of us.

“He had a store building and were out behind that old store building playing. There was a little bank out there kind of where we could dig holes back in and we were just working away. One of the kids looked up and saw him, and man, there wasn’t a thing left between there and the house. Even though we knew all the time Daddy had that thing.

“After awhile Daddy came in the house and wondered what was wrong. We told him the booger man got after us and he says, ‘Now see there, I told you if you got out and built roads and cards and did things like that on Sunday that’s what’d happen to you. The booger man would get you.'”

Ruth Cabe
The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Toys & Games
by Linda Garland Page, Hilton Smith
(UNC Press, 1993)

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