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West Virginia’s first female physician

Morgantown Post, Nov 13, 1937 – People of State Owe Much to Dr. Harriet B. Jones First Woman To Be Doctor In The State Served in Legislature – Pioneered in Fight Against Tuberculosis Eighty-one years old and in the late stages of a long and honorable career in medicine, statecraft, politics, and public welfare, Dr. […]


"A Hard Journey: The Life of Don West" releases

“A Hard Journey” brings to life Don West, poet, ordained Congregationalist minister, labor organizer, educator, leftist activist, and one of the most important literary and political figures in the southern Appalachians during the middle years of the twentieth century. Author James J. Lorence is a professor emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, Marathon County, and […]


Author Gretchen Laskas discusses "The Miner’s Daughter"

Author Gretchen Laskas caused quite a stir at the WV Book Festival several weeks ago in Charleston, where she discussed her newly published second book, “The Miner’s Daughter.” We decided to find out what all the fuss is about, and ask her a bit about she’s up to in this young adult novel. Appalachian History: […]


The miller would rub it between his fingers

“This was last used in 1942. It’s one of the mills that supplied part of the valley in here. “The original mill didn’t belong to my grandfather. It belonged to a family of Matthews that owned this property at that time. The Matthews were . . . I’m sure you’ve heard of the old Federal […]


“Plenty of people can read music, but can’t really make music”

SALLY GOODIN’ Love her, love Sally Goodin’Love her, sweet thing Sally Goodin’ A big piece of pie, a big piece of puddin’Give it all away, to hug Sally Goodin’ Looked on the hill, seen Sally runnin’Yes my my, sweet thing Sally comin’ Up and down the road , the road all muddyTo hug Sally Goodin, […]

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