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That’ll be cash on the barrelhead son

Got in a little trouble at the county seatLord they put me in the jailhouse for loafing on the streetWhen the judge heard the verdict I was a guilty manHe said forty five dollars or thirty days in the canThat’ll be cash on the barrelhead son you can make your choice you’re twenty oneNo money […]


Somebody ought to give the true picture of them

“So many outside writers had come in and . . . and given such a terrible account of the people. They had put ‘em down a lot in their articles that I didn’t think this was true, because the people that I met were very intelligent and they were very civilized. They were not like […]


Rhododendrons?…no, no. Folk music!

The 80th annual Mountain Dance and Folk Festival got underway last night in Asheville, NC. It’s the oldest continuously running folk festival in the United States. “Even the moon came out over Beaucatcher Mountain and laughed in the spirit of the occasion,” said one of the local newspapers at the inaguaral festival in 1928. What […]


T for Texas, T for Tennessee

I said T for Texas T for Tennessee Oh, yeah, I said T for Texas T for Tennessee Said, T for old Thelma The gal who made a wreck out of me Well, if you don’t want me momma You sure don’t have to start Ah, if you don’t want me momma You sure don’t […]


I ain’t caught no babies come two month tomorrow

“Nancy Ward, where are you?” It’s getting late. A sudden turn in the road and we’ve reached the place; the cabin is on the right across this rocky ditch. And on the narrow porch sits Nancy herself, most venerable of midwives, respected by all because of her calling. The old woman rises with the quiet […]

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