Christmas images throughout Appalachia

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Community Christmas tree, Knoxville, TNCommunity Christmas tree, Knoxville, TN. On Market Street between Union Avenue and Clinch Avenue. Night view. Ordered by Knoxville Community Service Council. December 21, 1921.

1908 Kentucky Christmas card“Two unidentified women (initials M.H.P. and A.H.) in 1908 sent this Christmas greeting to Kentuckian Mary McDowell, “The manner of our growing old is the measure of our life.”

covered bridge in OhioCovered bridge, 32’ long, near Dunkinsville, OH.

Portland cutter - one horse open sleighIn the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Portland cutter was the most popular type of sleigh used in the United States.

Peter Kimball and his sons–notably Charles Porter Kimball of Portland, Maine, developed the design. Fancy cutters, trimmed with silk and silver cost about one hundred and fifty dollars. By 1910 plain cutters were available in the twenty dollar range.

Santa Claus at OJ Morrison's StoreSanta Claus is surrounded by children in front of O. J. Morrison’s Store in Grafton, WV, circa 1920.

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