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The Scopes Monkey Trial

It was 1925 and the world was coming unhinged. Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx had gotten people to thinking. Albert Einstein had turned science on its ear. Sigmund Freud had brought up topics previously considered taboo. White kids were starting to pay attention to black kids’ music, that thing called Jazz. The temperance folks’ noble […]


Last Cherokee council before Trail of Tears

Hi, everybody. While Dave’s on a much-needed vacation, I’ll be pinch-hitting for him here at I’ll be doing a piece each day this week, about a place near and dear to my heart– Southeast Tennessee. Some of the topics may be familiar to you; some may be brand new. But, either way, I hope […]


Time for a little R&R!

I’m taking a little vacation next week, folks. But I’ll tell you what, I’m leaving you in the capable hands of blogger Tim Hooker, who runs the very delightful Sushi Tuesday blog out of Cleveland, TN. If he can’t get you through the worst dog days of August, well then you’ll want to get a […]



Asheville, NC July 25, 1923—Fire down at the Emporium Department Store just outside of Pack Square. Photo looking towards Biltmore Avenue (south). Ashville+NC firefighting appalachia appalachian+mountains+history appalachian+history Tweet Send to Kindle


The 3 Wonders of Appalachia

The World Heritage Committee (WHC), meeting in Quebec this week, on Monday added 8 natural sites and 19 cultural sites to UNESCO’s World Heritage List of cultural, natural, and mixed properties that have “outstanding universal value.” This brings the total to 905 sites listed: 697 cultural, 182 natural, and 26 mixed properties, in 145 states […]

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