The Devil called to his boy and told him to saddle his horse

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Two other families came into the [Round Bottom, OH] neighborhood. One’s name was Ransom, the other Wilson. These men got into trouble with each other, some of the neighbors took part with one and some with the other. I have heard my mother, and her brother and sisters, talking about this trouble.

They said there was a man that came there be name of Simons. I think from the way they talked about him that he was a bachelor. He was a wag, always having some witty expression to suit every case.

Devil on a horseWhile this trouble was going on this man Simons dreamed a very singular dream. He dreamed he died and went to hell. Soon after he got there he met the Devil, who began to ask him questions. After some questions he asked him where he was from. He told the Devil he was from Round Bottom, Round Bottom — as if he was in study.

“Why, there is where Ransom lives — what’s he doing?”

He told him that Ransom was dead. The Devil called to his boy and told him to saddle his horse and bring it to him immediately, that he must go to Round Bottom, for Ransom was dead and the people have peace there now.

After this he thought of Wilson. On being told that Wilson was still there he called the boy back saying, “Never mind, Wilson is there and will do just as well as if I were there myself.”

Athens [OH] Messenger
Sept. 7, 1899

(nee Mrs. Sophronia Davis)


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