Edwards their man will be buried so deep beneath the great flood of Powers ballots

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Mountain Advocate
Barbourville KY
Fri, August 5, 1910

Jackson County.
Great Rejoicing Among the Edwards People.

Last Monday being county court day in McKee, there was quite a large crowd gathered in from different parts of the county.

This brought together in all including the 4 or 5 living in McKee about 1 dozen Edwards men, an unusually large crowd of Edwards friends, while there were some 300 or more Powers men in town.

McKee KY at court day, early 20th centuryMcKee, KY at court day, early 20th century.

This being the largest crowd of Edwards followers that have yet been gotten together on any occasion in Jackson County and when joined by a few of their Democratic allies, and putting their heads together for a while and listening to each other talk, and listening to the wise counsel of their Democratic friends and seeing the crowd of themselves so much larger than usual they naturally took courage and became very enthusiastic and as a result a period of great rejoicing followed the Edwards camp. They naturally felt under such circumstances like Mr. Edwards had somehow or other made great gains, though they could not tell just how or why.

But the Powers men being possessed of great liberality of thought, and generally good feeling toward his fellow man that attaches to almost all true Republicans everywhere, and are willing to see the Edwards men and their Democratic allies have their good feeling and periods of rejoicing while they may, such as would naturally follow, after so large a gathering as this one was; for the time is surely not far distant, and not later than the 15th day of Sept, next, when their enthusiastic will be running at a very low ebb, and their joys will all cease, and their sun of hope will forever refuse to shine upon them and their Democratic allies and Edwards their man will be buried so deep beneath the great flood of Powers ballots that will pour down upon them on that good day which will roll up majorities that will look like mountains to them with old Jackson county in line with her thousand or twelve hundred majority for Powers, that they will never be able to rejoice again, though they view the crowd of Edwards men ten times as the one that assembled in McKee on last county court day.

A Jackson County Republican

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