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Just passing through—the Scottish Travellers

Oh, Lady Margaret she sat in her high chambers.She was sewing her silken seams.She lookit east and she lookit westAnd she saw those woods grow green. So, picking up her petticoatBeneath her harlin gown,It’s when she came to the merry green woods,There she let them down. Oh, she had not pulled one nut, one nut,One […]


Listen Here: Appalachian History Weekly podcast posts today

We post a new episode of Appalachian History weekly podcast every Sunday. You can start listening right away by clicking the podcast icon over on the right side of your screen. If you’d rather grab the show off itunes for later listening, click here: We open today’s show with an excerpt from a Louisville Courier-Journal […]


Judaculla Rock

No other rocks in the area have similar markings, although there are many other boulders in the vicinity. Some of the pictographs on it appear to be animals and animal tracks, while others appear to be human figures, suns, and geometric figures. Judaculla—or Jutaculla— Rock is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries in the United […]


Riding the Rails

“From ‘middle class gentility to scrabble-ass poor,’ the undiscriminating Great Depression forced 4,000,000 Americans away from their homes and onto the tracks in search of food and lodging. Of this number, a disturbing 250,000 of the transients were children. Some left home because they felt they were a burden to their families; some fled homes […]


How Rabbit Hash, KY got its name

Please welcome guest author Callie Clare, whose book ‘Potions and Notions: The Legacy of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky’ has just been published by the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. ‘Potions and Notions’ describes the history and community of this small river town, and explores the appeal of the town, the media attention it receives, and how the […]

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