And the mountains in reply echoing their joyous strain

Posted by | December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! I want to take a minute and thank all my readers for stopping by and having a look around here at the site throughout this past year.

christmas tree wheeling wv 1906
Your comments and appreciation really make the task of writing so much easier. Also, I want to acknowledge all the talented and generous people who’ve contributed so much of themselves to Appalachian History this year (alphabetically): Michael Abraham, David Barlow, Danny Bernstein, Wind Chapman, Callie Clare, Eric Dixon, Mark File, Edd Fuller, Patricia Graham, Amy Greene, Kathryn N. Gregory, Roger Hagy, Jr., Tim Hooker, John Rice Irwin, Lisa Isbell, Dot Jackson, Taylor Kirkland, Joseph T. Lee, III, Tina LoTufo, J. Mark Lowe, Debra McCown, Sharyn McCrumb, Arthur McDade, Brian D. McKnight, L. Scott Miller, Marilyn Dean Mitchem, Catherine V. Moore, Bob O’Connor, Carol Ostrom, David Reuss, Joshua Salmans, Fred Sauceman, Eddie Stair, Rick Steelhammer, Judi Tarowsky, Carol Wald, C. Douglas Ward, Ed Wetschler, Dustin White, and Barbara Taylor Woodall.

This site is so much richer for their help.

I promise I’ll get back to work posting more tasty things for you to read just as soon as I get done unwrapping a few of these pretty boxes over in the corner.

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