You hurd of the oald Virginia land grant

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A Letter written by Isaiah [Zade] Greer, July 8th 1912
Pike County, KY

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J.J. Greer past this life on the 3 of February leaves Fanny lonly I must write Lotta We have not saw hir in a long time Tel hir write to Barbra and give all the nuse that she had good and bad We air in sum trubble Phillip you hurd of the oald Virginia land grant that have lawing Pike Co. for 2 months Six Hundred 66 thousand acres all west side of the river but 200 acres is clean seep Tha is more than I cood write in a week so I will close for this time
Isaiah and Barbra Greer fair well.

Virginia Land grants were issued for services rendered to the governor and to the colony. To stimulate colonization, a headright system offered fifty acres to any person who paid his own transportation to Virginia. Any individual or entrepreneur who paid transportation costs for one or more persons could obtain fifty acres per person. Many headrights went unclaimed because of Virginia’s high mortality during the early years of colonization, and some were claimed many years after the headright was awarded.

Pike County, KY View of a road from Bent MountainThe Virginia Act of 1781 granted bounty land to veterans. The individual who received a warrant may have claimed the land himself or may have sold his warrant to someone else. Many Virginia land grants applied to Kentucky County, VA, which later became Kentucky. Approximately 10,000 Virginia Land Grants were filed, the last in June 1792.


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