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Where’d all those NCAA school mascots come from?

When the NCAA Tournament tips off, you may know every team’s star player and its odds to win the title. But how well do you know the mascots? Not just what the teams are called, but where those names came from? Let’s take a look at some of the tourney’s more unusual nicknames. East Tennessee […]


I were tellin’ some mount’n stories

Jane Gentry — piano teacher, Appalachian folk-music historian, weaver — was an inspiration for the movie Songcatcher. She was born Jane Hicks in 1863, the first child of Ransom and Emily Hicks, in Watauga County, NC. “My pappy were a minister, name of Ransom Hicks. Mammy were always peckin’ me over the head with a […]


Listen Here: Appalachian History Weekly podcast posts today

We post a new episode of Appalachian History weekly podcast every Sunday. Check us out on the Stitcher network, available on mobile phones, in-car dashboards and tablets worldwide. Just click below to start listening: We open today’s show the story of the Scottsboro Boys. On March 25, 1931, local authorities in Paint Rock, AL arrested […]


Cead Mile Failte, says Kentucky

Kentuckians have long shared, among other things, their love for horses, whiskey making and music with the Irish. Listen carefully to Eastern Kentucky’s fiddlers and you‘ll hear the refrains of Irish jigs and reels. And Kentucky’s buck dancing, or clogging, is a particularly vigorous and often undisciplined cousin to the Irish jig. Indeed, more than […]


The slatternly abandoned house beckoned fallen angels

“The Bishop family had come to inspect the house. They stood at the bottom of the weed-infested driveway. The girls surrounded their mother. About six feet away Mrs. Kanukaris, whom Urie had already christened Kan-of-Kerosene, was talking to P.Q. He cocked his head toward her affectedly, pretending to be engrossed in every word she said. […]

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