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Dean King’s Feud Fable

Of the scores of whoppers in Dean King’s ‘Feud’ book, some are extremely maddening to me, as a descendant of both Hatfields and McCoys, while others made me literally laugh out loud. Many of King’s yarns conflict directly with the sparse documentary record, while others are so egregiously exaggerated that they could not be believed by any sentient reader.


Listen Here: Appalachian History Weekly podcast posts today

We post a new episode of Appalachian History weekly podcast every Sunday. Check us out on the Stitcher network, available on mobile phones, in-car dashboards and tablets worldwide. Just click below to start listening: We open today’s show with a review of Adam Booth’s newly released CD The Mountain Came Alive: A Year in the […]


CD Review: ‘The Mountain Came Alive’

Teachers who respond positively to the idea of utilizing The Mountain Came Alive in their classroom will be pleased to learn that Booth has intentionally kept his production values straightforward. A teacher with a reasonable singing voice and access to a dulcimer, a guitar, or a piano can easily master these pieces for performing in his/her own classroom.


Historical novel “King’s Mountain” releases tomorrow

That evening we fetched up somewhere near Gilbert Town, for the regiment had been circling that town for weeks, like a moth to a candle flame. We might go a ways north or west of it, but sooner or later we ended up back again, ready to set off in a different direction in a day or so.

Virginia Paul and I jumped down out of the baggage wagon and went looking for the creek, for we were sweat-soaked and dusty from the day’s sojourn on the road. When we had finished what the major would call our “ablutions” and were heading back toward camp, we heard a piteous wailing, followed by shouts of alarm.

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