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Saving Colonel Charles Young’s Historic Birthplace in Mays Lick, KY

The cabin doesn’t look like much. Tucked into a stand of trees and covered in vines, its log walls and stone chimney slightly off-kilter, the neglected building has sat empty for years. But its humble appearance belies a big slice of history: In 1864 it served as the birthplace of Charles Young, an African-American colonel who fought discrimination to build a remarkable military career.

Young, who was born to enslaved parents but grew up free after his family escaped to Ohio and his father served in the Civil War, was just the third African-American to graduate from West Point in 1889. His accomplishments include a stint as a professor in the military sciences department at Wilberforce College in Ohio (where he befriended colleague W.E.B. Du Bois) and service as a member of the legendary Buffalo Soldiers.


Teaching the N-word’s history to today’s black students

For a long time, this was all the back story I shared with classes of kids regarding my interest in the civil rights movement. Then one day, a young lady raised her hand. “There’s more to it, isn’t there?” she said. “Yes,” I replied. “So, give already,” she said. “I’m too ashamed,” I replied.

A totally inadequate response. I recognized. So now I tell it all when I visit a school.


Book Review: ‘Kentucky Hauntings—Homespun Ghost Stories and Unexplained History’

Please welcome guest book reviewer Roberta Schultz. Schultz is a singer with the trio, Raison D’Etre, and a Teaching Artist and Performing Artist on the Kentucky Arts Council’s rosters. Her review of the recently published ‘Kentucky Hauntings’ was originally aired on Cincinnati NPR affiliate WVXU in October.   While the interest in ghost stories seems […]


Listen Here: Appalachian History Weekly podcast posts today

We post a new episode of Appalachian History weekly podcast every Sunday. Check us out on the Stitcher network, available on mobile phones, in-car dashboards and tablets worldwide. Just click below to start listening: We open today’s show with guest author Ray Wright. Wright is the Curator of Historic Buildings at the Frontier Culture Museum […]

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