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The Russell House

William Ganaway Russell had the good fortune to buy a farm exactly halfway between Walhalla SC and Highlands NC. In 1849 an industrious group of Charleston German businessman were looking for a suitable parcel on which they could create a new settlement in SC, and formed the German Colonization Society to do so. Their plan […]


Whirligig Stories – Tales of the Sixties in a WV town

From 1959 thru 1970, Betty Hornbeck wrote a weekly front-page column for the Republican-Delta Newspaper in Buckhannon, WV entitled “West Virginia Whirligig”. She discussed everything from city growth statistics, to family life, to national politics, to any number of issues that she felt should be brought to the attention of her readership. Her son Bill […]


‘Who are you intending to overcome?’ A talk with Pete Seeger

“The person who was really responsible for making it the number one song back in those days was a man named Guy Carawan. He got involved in the civil rights movement and was in charge of music at a tiny little labor school called Highlander Folk School. In 1960 Guy Carawan sent messages to the civil rights movement all through the South from Texas to Florida to Maryland. And he set up a whole weekend of singing in ‘the movement’ —- the movement, of course, meant the civil rights movement.”


Listen Here: Appalachian History Weekly podcast posts today

We post a new episode of Appalachian History weekly podcast every Sunday. Check us out on the Stitcher network, available on mobile phones, in-car dashboards and tablets worldwide. Just click below to start listening: We open today’s show with an excerpt from Ulysses S. Grant’s memoir. Grant, the 18th U.S. President and Union general-in-chief during […]


Book Review: ‘The Cult of Individualism’

Today, we recognize that the umbrella American culture includes the African American. Distinct from white American culture, it is still related, still combines with it to create one whole American culture. Many people—too many—still don’t like this, but they cannot deny it: The evidence is ever before our eyes. On the other hand, over the centuries, there has certainly been some success in the struggle for recognition of the place and importance of the African American in and for American society. However, we have all but forgotten that other culture stemming from 18th-century immigrants, the culture of those Scots-Irish Borderers.

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