And the mountains in reply echoing their joyous strain

Posted by | December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! I want to take a minute and thank all my readers for stopping by and having a look around here at the site throughout this past year.

William J. McCoy, Jr. and his second Christmas tree, 1908 / The Knox County Two Centuries Photograph Collection / Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection / Knox County Public Library / Image 200-073-189

Your comments and appreciation really make the task of writing so much easier.

Also, I want to acknowledge all the talented and generous people who’ve contributed so much of themselves to Appalachian History this year: John Allison, Judith Bainbridge, Scott Ballard, Melissa Barker, Win Bassett, Gordon Belt, Patrick Brannon, John Norris Brown, Kent Masterson Brown, Barbara J. Butler, Judy P. Byers, Gary Carden, Bill Carlisle, Lee Carpenter, Ray Castro, Lisa Chastain, Anne E. Chesky-Smith, Cathy Cassady Corbin, Kevin Cordi, Jennifer Cox, Michael Crisp, C. Richard Dean, Lawrence M. Denton, Matthew T. Dickerson, Lisa King Dolloff, Hilda Downer, Rebecca Duke, Beth Durham, Stephanie Worley Firley, Joanne Fish, Brianne Fleming, Thom Fogarty, Jeff Forrester, Edna Fugate, Tricia Fulks, Anne G’Fellers-Mason, Trey Gaines, Jeff Gill, Katie O. Gobbi, Crystal Good, Marcus Gray, Amy Greene, Gary Greene, Cora L. Hairston, Tim Hall, Beth Harrington, Hilary Harrison, Jean Haskell, Bob Heafner, Bette Lou Higgins, Katie Hoffman, Lucy Beam Hoffman, Timothy W. Hooker, Janice Cole Hopkins, Betty Hornbeck, Robert Inman, John Jeter, Michael Jones, William Jones, Lori Jones, Emily Kale, Rebekah Karelis, Danielle Keeton-Olsen, Brandon Ray Kirk, Jeff Kirwan, Amy Kostine, Sharon Schuler Kreps, Craig Lam, Kayleigh Last, Adam MacPharlain, Gina Mahalek, Megan Malone, Elizabeth Manning, Robert F. Maslowski, Tim McAbee, Michael McGreevey, Trevor McKenzie, Suzannah Smith Miles, Deborah Montanti, Andrew Moynehan, Chelsea Moynehan, Jeanne Mozier, John Nolan, David L. O’Hara, Ted Olson, Jamie Osborn, James Overton, Elizabeth Paulhus, A.J. Peoples, Audy Perry, Cat Pleska, Taylor M. Polites, Chris Preperato, Rita Quillen, Jim Rada, Raina Regan, Ron Roach, Emily C. Roush, Michael Ruth, Joshua Salmans, Elizabeth Saulsbury, Sheree Scarborough, Carter Taylor Seaton, Jody Shaw, Kyle Sherard, David Sibray, Nancy Loveday Smith, Wally Smith, Heather South, Kelley St. Germain, Lauren C. Steele, Wilma Steele, Mark A. Stevens, Sky Sutton, Andrew Talkov, Stephanie Kadel Taras, Rhondda Robinson Thomas, Shannon Colaianni Tinnell, June Totten, Cheryl Truman, John VanArsdall, Carolyn Warnock, Kent Whitaker, Christopher Emil Williams, John Wilson, Steven Wilson, Robert Winans, Renea Winchester, Jonathan Winskie, Bob Withers, Sara Wood, Wayne Worth, and Sherry Joines Wyatt.

This site is so much richer for their help.

I promise I’ll get back to work posting more tasty things for you to read just as soon as I get done unwrapping a few of these pretty boxes over in the corner.

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