I am a poor girl what you might say got no home

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Franklin NC
Dec. 10, 1926

Mr. F.M. Lida.

Dear Sir

I am going to write you for a little information about R.E. Gilliland if you know any thing about him. Last Thursday night two week ago he and I got married here in Franklin, N.C. and Tuesday morning following he slipped off and left and I don’t know where he is at and cant hear from him and there is some awful talk about him here in Franklin sence he left and also he told me several things that I find that is not so sence he left and he told me that he didnt have neither Father Mother Brother or Sister but his home was at Asheville and his parents both died when he was just small

He told me that he was in the World War and lost his arm got his head bursted. His stomach cut from hip to hip and his inards let out got shot in both legs and also shot through the hand. He says he is drawing off the Government for these wounds but I don’t know these things for sure and cant find out.

letter to Asheville mayor Edgar M. Lyda, 1926Of course I do know that his arm is gone and that he has been shot through both legs and in the hand and I saw the scar on his head. But I don’t know for sure how he got these wounds I have heard so many things sence he left. And besides leaving me he has skipped a board bill here of several dollars and also took Forty eight dollars of my hard honest earned money and I am a poor girl what you might say got no home so he has left me in a bad shape

I will tell you how come me to have your name he had the Sheriff to Address him an envelope to you and told me that he wanted me to write to you for him but he left before I got the writing done If you can tell me any thing good or not I will appreciate it for he is now my husband and I love him and I would like to know something about him let it be what it may

I met him about eighteen months ago when he was here inspection on the road from Franklin to the Georgia line and I never heard one thing against him until after we were married and he left. So if you please answer by return mail and tell me all you know about him if you know anything.

Am Oblidge

Letter from the personal papers of Edgar M. Lyda (1873-1956), who among other posts was mayor of Asheville. At the time he received this letter, he was Chairman of the Buncombe County Commissioners and Finance Commissioner for the county. Collection held at D. H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville.

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