Put the children’s packages in their stockings

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“Well, the chittlings, a part of them Alice sent over by Pete. They were intestines cleaned ready to cut into short pieces to fry. I told Tillie she needn’t fry any for me. They stood in water two or three days and by that time they were smelling like ‘all get out’ so Tillie carried them away some where. It nearly turns my stomach to think of them.

“After we got the children to bed to-night we three opened up the packages. Put the children’s in their stockings which they had borrowed from me and hung up before going to bed. I got a night gown from Tommy & Ola, Sterling tatting shuttle from Al & Edna, shawl from Jim & Mattie, flash light from Nellie, White silk poplin goods for dress from Mae and Ray silk stockings for Walter and Hilda vest pocket flash light, hand bag & stationery from Orville & Tillie.

“From Mrs. Wilson handkerchiefs, Mrs. Thomas book of quotations. Nellie also sent wrist crochet box for my birthday. Tommy and Ola a second package containing a diary for 1916 which was also for my birthday.”

Christmas store display in Radford VA

Store at Christmas in Radford VA, 1940

This is a set of diaries/journals that I have that were written 1915-1918 by my great grandmother, Mary Heathcote Thomas, while she was living with my mother’s family when my grandfather was headmaster at New London Academy, New London, VA
– Elizabeth Shumate

source: www.rootsweb.com/~vapulask/biography/MaryHeathcoteThomasJOURNAL.htm

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  • miss m says:

    it must be really lovely to be abe to read all these diary entries from so long ago. It is very interesting,and also lovely to know that christmas was as much of a special time all those years ago as it is now.:)

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