We cannot believe Christ would use tobacco in any form

Posted by | January 26, 2016

“A discourse on The Use of Tobacco was delivered by evangelist M.S. Lemons and discussed by others. After due consideration this assembly agrees to stand, with one accord, in opposition to the use of tobacco in any form. It is offensive to those who do not use it; weakens and impairs the nervous system; is a near relative to drunkenness; bad influence and example to the young; useless expense, the money for which ought to be used to clothe the poor, spread the gospel or make the homes of our country more comfortable; and last we believe its use to be contrary to the teaching of Scripture, and as Christ is our example we cannot believe that He would use it in any form or under any circumstances.

19th century smokers“We further recommend and advise that the ministers and deacons of each church make special effort to use their influence against its use, deal tenderly and lovingly with those in the church who use it, but insist with an affectionate spirit that its use be discontinued as much as possible.

“We also advise the deacons to secure a report at the close of each year, of the number that have been induced to discontinue the habit and delivered from a desire for it, also the number that still continue its use, and carry such report to the general assembly.”

From the Minutes of Annual Assembly of the Churches of East Tennessee, North Georgia, and Western North Carolina, held January 26 & 27, 1906, at Camp Creek, N.C.

Source: Digital Library of Appalachia/Lee University : William G. Squires Library and Dixon Pentecostal Research Center


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