I thought she was going to come after me so I climbed up a rail fence

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Well, a cow had a little calf and I was going to milk them. Had her in the barn. I went to put her in with the calf to let it eat and I was going to finish milking. But when I went to put her out, the calf got out and I went to put it back in and couldn’t get it back in so I turned around to fasten the gate of a thing to keep her out of the stall and when I turned around I guess she butted me, I don’t know. All I remember is turning around.

Next thing I know I was sitting down. My leg was sticking out. She had already hit me in the face. So she was going to come at me again, knowed I couldn’t get up. And the big old doors to the shed had two buttons on it, one at the top and one across. I looked up at those buttons and said, “Oh Lord, help me….” The old cow come at me and them doors flew open as pretty just as you please. No one could open them as pretty as they flew open.

She (an angel) got me on to the outside and old dog heard me holler and he come up there and got her off me and I scooted a long ways. I sit down and scooted a long ways and I climbed up on a rail fence. I looked back and saw both cows and I thought she was going to come after me so I climbed up a rail fence. I don’t know how in the world I got up there, but I got up on it.

And I could see our neighbor across the creek, so I hollered and hollered. Pete and Mary was down at the house, they were just little. Charlie Gregory had gone somewhere to walk up the road to feed and I hollered and hollered, no one come. Sat there awhile and saw one of the neighbors that lived on up the road, come through the gate, the yard gate and I hollered. He looked up and saw me and he’d come up there and got me and carried me to the house. They had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. Pete and Mary stayed with John and Pauline Gregory. I had to have three or four operations before I could walk.

Waucella Coburn Gregory (b. 1920)
raised down Wolf Creek below Rocky Gap, VA

The Bland County History Archives

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