We just decided to get married, that’s all

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“I got married in 1926. I met [Charlie] in Davie County, between Mocksville and Salisbury. We met at a friend’s house. I spent the night down there with a friend. We just wrote to each other for quite some time. [Laughter] He’d come to Conover once in a while. My grandmother had died a long time before then. I was still boarding with my aunt and uncle, though. We just decided to get married, that’s all. [Laughter] We got married at Mocksville. At a justice of the peace. He wanted to get married down there, and we just got married down there.

young couple walking by railroad“We stayed down there for a little while, but not long. I got off [work] for a little while. Then we moved up here to Conover and lived up here for several months, and he couldn’t find any work at that time. The Depression had started then, so we moved back to Davie County to his mother’s. His father was dead. We lived down there a year then, and he worked on the farm. Then that next fall we moved back up to Conover, and he got work, too, in the glove mill, and we both worked there. He turned.

“I was off, I guess, about a year when Billy was a baby. I quit pretty soon after I got pregnant. We just wanted a child so bad, and I just decided to quit. I did have some trouble [getting pregnant]. I just don’t know what it was. He was born the thirty-first of May [1930], and we’d have been married four years the sixteenth of October.

“I hadn’t been to the doctor but very little, unless it was just something I had to go for. [Laughter] I hadn’t been to the doctor till I got pregnant, and then I started going. Dr. Herman at Conover [delivered the baby at home]. I didn’t have any trouble with my pregnancy. I had a little trouble because of my age when he was born, but outside of that everything was all right.

“My aunt stayed with me, one of them, at one time, taking care of our youngest one, and after we moved out here my mother taken care of some of them part of the time. And one of my cousins stayed with me one time and taken care of them, so it’s just different ones. But we always had somebody to take care of them when they wasn’t in school.

“We’ve got four children. We had a boy and then a girl and then two more boys.”

Junie Edna Kaylor
b. 1904
December 12, 1979 interview
Conover, N. C.
Interview H-106. Series H. Piedmont Industrialization.
Southern Oral History Program Collection (H-4007)


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