Superabundance of Religious Fervor Lands Holy Roller in Police Court

Posted by | February 3, 2017

Middlesboro Daily News
Middlesboro, KY
Feb. 5, 1921

There are some persons who are emotional to such an extent that they completely lose control of themselves and let their emotions sway them. When persons of this nature are overcome by their emotions, they cannot control themselves and they are not in a position to judge of their actions.

Mrs. Lucy Chadwell, a member of the church of “Holy Rollers,” who lives in the East End, by her own admission in police court today, is such a person. When Mrs. Chadwell, accompanied by her daughter, attended the services last night in the Second Baptist Church, and her religious feelings overcame her so that she shook and rolled, thereby throwing those present at the service into a state of alarm and disturbance, the Rev. A.L. Chadwell of the Second Baptist Church swore out a warrant for the arrest of Mrs. Chadwell on the grounds of disturbing the peace and breaking up religious services.

When arraigned before Judge Wood in police court this morning, Mrs. Chadwell declared that she did not mean to create a disturbance or to break up the services. “I was so overcome with the spirit of religion,” she told Judge Wood, “that I could not hold myself back. The Holy Ghost was within me and I could do nothing but give demonstration to my feeling.”  During the hearing, which was attended by a large number of the members of Mrs. Chadwell’s church, a demonstration was given showing how services are conducted by “Holy Rollers.”

Judge Wood placed Mrs. Chadwell on probation, with the warning that if any more complaints of a similar nature are made, he will be compelled to deal more severely with the offender.


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