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Book Review: ‘Chasing the Powhatan Arrow’

If you’re at all familiar with the work of Studs Terkel, you’ll recognize a kindred spirit in the work of author Michael Abraham. Terkel was world renowned for his ability to draw out compelling oral histories, from both the mighty and the not so mighty, over his 45 year tenure as a radio talk show […]


She was a great Herb Doc, the main Doc of the county

Following is a family history written in 1985 by Ethel (Barrows) Shilling, of Washington County, OH. Grand Ma & Grand Pa Seevers were: Mary A. Severs (1821-1909) & Samuel Severs (1809-1877) Some History of Grand Ma / Grand Pa Seevers. Reports are and have been they have Indian blood, and perhaps they have; who hasn’t? […]


The stretch-out and the strike

By the mid 1920s Appalachia, land of farms and farmers, had been crisscrossed by railroad tracks and dotted with mill villages, and the Piedmont had eclipsed New England as the world’s leading producer of yarn and cloth. But along with the promise of new jobs came intense competition in the decentralized textile industry, depressing wages, […]


There is no more sacred spot in upper South Carolina

There is no more sacred spot in upper South Carolina than the Old Stone Church and its adjoining cemetery, where many of South Carolina’s most distinguished dead lie sleeping. The old church stands as a silent tribute to the piety and heroism of our first settlers, many of whom came over the mountains from Pennsylvania, […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May the rains sweep gentle across your fields, May the sun warm the land, May every good seed you have planted bear fruit, And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty. Tweet Send to Kindle

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