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The panic of 1907 leads to depositor insurance

In early 1907 consumer goods prices were high and continuing to increase, a situation set in motion by too easy credit. Most glaringly, the money center banks of New York City owed their depositors more money than the whole country possessed, real money and ‘credit money’ combined. The system couldn’t sustain itself that way any […]


Lots of people thought I was an idiot

“I never spoke a word until I was nine years old. I only clucked and motioned for what I wanted. Lots of people thought I was an idiot because I could not talk. I may have looked like one, for I was a little old country boy that never cut my hair in those days […]


When the Wind’s in the West, the Sap runs Best

When temperatures begin to rise in February and March, maple sap begins to flow from the roots of trees up the trunks to the branches and limbs. During the short period of spring when the daytime temperatures are above freezing, and the night temperatures are below freezing, the sap flows up and down the tree […]


Children were especially afraid of the two of them, and would not pass near the little shack

During the Depression the Federal Writers’ Project provided wages for unemployed clerks, writers, editors, lawyers, teachers, librarians, and similar workers, and sought to compile anthologies of oral history, folklore, and music, as well as state, local and specialized guidebooks. The Virginia Writers’ Project (VWP) was the state-sponsored segment of the Federal Writers’ Project. The VWP […]


Ah, how poets sing and die!

Black Man o’ Mine, If the world were your lover, It could not give what I give to you, Or the ocean would yield and you could discover Its ages of treasure to hold and to view; Could it fill half the measure of my heart’s portion . . . Just for you living, just […]

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