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Book Review: ‘The Cult of Individualism’

Today, we recognize that the umbrella American culture includes the African American. Distinct from white American culture, it is still related, still combines with it to create one whole American culture. Many people—too many—still don’t like this, but they cannot deny it: The evidence is ever before our eyes. On the other hand, over the centuries, there has certainly been some success in the struggle for recognition of the place and importance of the African American in and for American society. However, we have all but forgotten that other culture stemming from 18th-century immigrants, the culture of those Scots-Irish Borderers.


Lost Paradise, Now Lindytown: Appalachia Fades to Black

Aaron Barlow posted the following article on his One Flew East blog on April 13, 2011. Barlow is an Assistant Professor of English, New York City College of Technology, and a native of western North Carolina. When I heard John Prine’s first album, way back in 1971, I was particularly struck by the song “Paradise.”  As […]

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