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Review: Beyond the Grave, Ghost Stories & Ballads from the Mountains

“Beyond The Grave: Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Mountains” Susanna “Granny Sue” HolsteinAudio CD Appalachian storytelling isn’t a theatrical performance with sets and costumes and lighting and accents, though a good storyteller can conjure all those things in the mind of the listener. And it’s not a recitation of history, with famous battles, treaties, […]


‘On the Banks of the Ohio’—an old murder ballad

Rebecca Dart, a Vancouver comic book artist and animator, is turning heads this week with her fresh visualization of the old-time tune “On the Banks of the Ohio.” Click on each panel to see her wonderful linework enlarged. Says Wikipedia of this tune: “Banks of the Ohio is a 19th century murder ballad, written by […]


People who sing operettas shouldn’t tinker around with mountain music

Please welcome guest blogger Cindy Gladden Tuttle of Salem, VA. She is the granddaughter of Texas Gladden (1895-1967), an American folk singer best known for her traditional Appalachian ballad style of singing. A black and white log house. Red shuttered windows. Beds ablaze in summer with a multitude of blossoms of all kinds. Seven white […]


Granny’d sing us her Christmas carol, "Brightest and Best"

Hail the blest morn See the Great Mediator Down from the regions of Glory descend!Shepherds, go worship the Babe in the manger,Lo, for the a guard the bright angels attend. Brightest and best of the sons of the morning,Dawn on our darkness and lend us Thine aidStar of the East, the horizon adorning,Guide where our […]


“Plenty of people can read music, but can’t really make music”

SALLY GOODIN’ Love her, love Sally Goodin’Love her, sweet thing Sally Goodin’ A big piece of pie, a big piece of puddin’Give it all away, to hug Sally Goodin’ Looked on the hill, seen Sally runnin’Yes my my, sweet thing Sally comin’ Up and down the road , the road all muddyTo hug Sally Goodin, […]

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