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The Red Neck Army marches to Blair Mountain

The Battle of Blair Mountain marked a turning point in the national movement to better the conditions of working people by demanding the legalization of unions. It was the largest armed labor confrontation in U.S. history, and it began on August 24, 1921. The highway historical marker erected last April by the state of West […]


The Wisdom of Old Blair Mountain

King Coal owns our land and our politicians! Instead of wise stewards, their greed leads them to ignore mining safety. Our miners are dying once more. They care nothing for our history, our safety, or our homes. They blast away our mountains, pollute water and air. Our politicians protect coal’s power, even trying to force our nation to allow such crimes. Don’t you remember that all men are created equal? Listen, my friends — Big Coal can no longer destroy our land and endanger our people.


The Original Redneck: An Explanation

The following article was originally written for the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia under the title “Still Fighting the Battle of Blair Mountain,” by C. Belmont Keeney. Keeney reprinted the article on his blog, The Appalachian Scholar, on 7/31/09. “I’m an author, historian, musician, professor, and mountaineer,” he says. “I have published two books, To […]

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