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Overmountain Men Re-enactors bring King’s Mountain to life

“The Battle of King’s Mountain (October 7, 1780) was an American victory over a loyalist detachment in South Carolina during the British campaign in the South,” begins the Encyclopedia Brittanica entry on the topic. “To stem the British advance into North Carolina, a force of about 2,000 colonial frontiersmen had been gathered from neighbouring states […]


The Battle of King’s Mountain—233rd anniversary is today

It is recorded that on the date agreed upon, every able-bodied gunman, with the exception of two, in that settlement, extending about one hundred miles either way, was there ready to march and ready to fight. Not only so, but the heart strings of many a wife had drawn her there, to bid the stay […]


Historical novel “King’s Mountain” releases tomorrow

That evening we fetched up somewhere near Gilbert Town, for the regiment had been circling that town for weeks, like a moth to a candle flame. We might go a ways north or west of it, but sooner or later we ended up back again, ready to set off in a different direction in a day or so.

Virginia Paul and I jumped down out of the baggage wagon and went looking for the creek, for we were sweat-soaked and dusty from the day’s sojourn on the road. When we had finished what the major would call our “ablutions” and were heading back toward camp, we heard a piteous wailing, followed by shouts of alarm.

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