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Of Love, Beans and Pie Luck in Appalachia

Men and women moved along the table side-by-side, some introducing themselves to each other for the first time, and some reconnecting while filling their plates and sharing stories of their Appalachian roots. This was exactly the purpose of the summit. As Ronni Lundy repeated throughout the day, “We’re here to break bread and talk about what are we doing, not where are we?” The gathering wasn’t pretending to provide answers. It was listening to what Appalachia has to say for itself about its people, food, and place without those who bend its stories into stereotypical narratives stemming from a fear of poverty and the unknown.


Book Review: Saving Seeds, Preserving Taste: Heirloom Seed Savers in Appalachia

In seed saving circles, Bill Best is legendary. He has a passion for beans, tomatoes, apples, corn, cucumbers and a winter squash called candy roaster which spills across the pages of his book in a carefully pieced crazy quilt of history, food culture, and the peculiar gardening language spoken in the mountains, hollows, and foothills of the Southern Appalachians.

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