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How Virginia’s Huckleberry Train got its name

The big break needed for Blacksburg, VA’s railroad hopes came with the Great Coal Strike of 1902 in Pennsylvania. William J. Payne and his associates in Richmond had become persuaded of the good prospects in coal at Price and Brush mountains. They, in turn, persuaded men they knew within disgruntled coal and coal railroad management […]


Blacksburg, VA’s Alexander Black House is Newly Restored as Cultural Center

August 6th of this year marked the grand opening of the newly restored Alexander Black House and Cultural Center. With Phase 1 complete, visitors can experience the entire first floor of the original house including a new addition. The Cultural Center contains rotating exhibits in art, history and culture and a gift shop. The Foundation also conducts tours of the historic 16 Squares, an historic lecture series, festivals and other events at both the St. Luke & Odd Fellows’ Hall and the Alexander Black House. Fundraising continues as we look forward to the completion of Phase 2, opening the entire upstairs and areas of the basement for community use. Visit www.blacksburghistory.org for more information and to donate to the restoration fund or to participate in our engraved brick program.

Since the grand opening, thousands of visitors have walked through the halls of the Alexander Black House and are able to learn the importance of our local history, arts and culture. Our rotating exhibits highlight the rich history of our community as well as the work of local artists and the distinctive culture that continues to make Blacksburg special.


Answering the question: ‘Mommy, I wonder if there is a Nellie?’

Please welcome guest author Emily Kale. Kale is a writer for the Marketing and Communications Group at The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, at Virginia Tech. This piece was written for Black History Month and originally appeared in the Roanoke Times on February 22. It is reprinted here with permission.   Nothing in life is arbitrary. That’s […]


The urge to create something beautiful from the commonest materials

“It is a happy circumstance that the first showing of this traveling exhibition of the Southern Highland Handicraft Guild should be at the American County Life Association conference at Blacksburg, VA.  At the last conference of the Association held at Oglebay Park, WV, a special section of the program was given over to rural arts. […]


Let it snow, let it snow!

[Eastern Kentucky, 1920s] Caption reads: Two boys, wearing knit caps and short pants with long socks, and a little girl, wearing a fur coat, play with a dog and a sled in the snow. Caption reads: Children Building a Snow Fort at Arthurdale, W. Va. Snow Battle at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA, winter 1932-33. Caption […]

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