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You can send me pretty flowers, you can send me valentines

You can send me pretty flowers you can send me valentines Send me letters every day but it won’t pay Leap to my desire, nothing else will do It’s goodbye and so long to you You can hang around and love me you can hang your head and cry Hang my picture on the wall […]


Liza Jane

When I go a-courtin’,I’ll go on the train.When I go to marry,I’ll marry Liza Jane. Chorus:O Law’, Liza, po’ gal,O Law’, Liza Jane,O Law’, Liza, po’ gal,She died on the train. The hardest work I ever didWas a-brakin’on a train;The easiest work I ever didWas a-huggin’ Liza Jane. When I went to see her,She met […]


Come All You Virginia Girls

Oh come all you Virginia girls and listen to my noise Don’t you court no West Virginia boys If you do your fortune’ll be Johnny cake and venison and sassafras tea Johnny cake and venison and sassafras tea Well, when they come a courtin’ I’ll tell you what they’ll wear Old black suit just about […]

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