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A dreadful cyclone that came this way

It was the greatest disaster ever known to this Western Virginia mountain village. On May 2, 1929, the unusually violent storm slammed into the little community of Rye Cove, VA in the mountains of Scott County. During the storm a tornado directly struck the local two-story schoolhouse, with over 150 children and teachers inside. The […]


Filmmaker Beth Harrington discusses the making of her Carter Family documentary

The saga of the Carters, and their influence on music and musicians, would be a great story to tell someday, I thought. No one had really made a big film that connected the dots between the foundational family at the genesis of what we now call country music and the people who came after. There were so many people – not just my rockabilly women – who used the Carters’ music as a springboard for further musical exploration. Artists in folk, country and rock had a debt to this seminal family. And chief among them was Johnny Cash.


The Carter family of Stony Creek, VA ( part 2 of 2)

(continued from yesterday…) Massive oak trees scattered their nuts on the forest floor; thousands of chestnut trees showered bushels and bushels of sweet tasty nuts on the ground. Hickory and beechnuts were food for small game, wild grapes and persimmons were food for opossums, coons and wild birds. Farmers didn’t have to worry with feeding […]


The Carter family of Stony Creek, VA ( part 1 of 2)

It was while trout fishing in the spring of 1938, in Big Stony Creek, that I first saw the old Carter Mill. I well remember taking two beautiful, brightly speckled, brook trout, each of them thirteen inches long, right out from under the old mill house. It was on that day that I first met […]


You’ve been fooling me, baby

I don’t want you any more, mama Ain’t no use in you hanging around For I found another mama, And now I am Chicago bound You’ve been fooling me, baby You’ve been telling me your lies When I thought you were an angel Just sent down from the skies Sing those parting blues to me, […]

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