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I tell you, company bosses, I’m going to fight

I Hate the Company Bosses A Song by Sarah Ogan Gunning I hate the company bossesI’ll tell you the reason whyThey cause me so much sufferingAnd my dearest friends to die Oh yes, I guess you wonderWhat they have done to meI’m going to tell you, misterMy husband had T.B. Brought on by hard work […]


Every coal miner’s lunch bucket smelled of the coal mines

“My father walked six miles carrying a bucket and a pick. The bucket was made of tin and in the bottom of the bucket was tea for lunch, and the top of the upper section of the bucket was a compartment for a couple of sandwiches or some fruit and then the lid. Inside the […]


Deborah Weiner discusses her book ‘Coalfield Jews’

We caught up recently with Dr. Deborah Weiner, author of “Coalfield Jews: An Appalachian History.” Central Appalachia’s coalfields were home to thousands of Jews between the 1880s and 1950s. Dr. Weiner, research historian and family history coordinator at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, tells their story meticulously and movingly. Her book has been awarded the […]

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