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A school for subversives and Communists?

How would you like to have attended the same school that Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Young, and Fanny Lou Hamer all attended? That would be Highlander Folk School, near Monteagle, TN, for many years the only place in the South where white and African-American adults could […]


"A Hard Journey: The Life of Don West" releases

“A Hard Journey” brings to life Don West, poet, ordained Congregationalist minister, labor organizer, educator, leftist activist, and one of the most important literary and political figures in the southern Appalachians during the middle years of the twentieth century. Author James J. Lorence is a professor emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, Marathon County, and […]


"Poverty pays unless you’re poor" -Don West

Home-Coming (1946) And I’ve come back to you,Mountain Earth–Come to laughAnd sorrowAnd sing– To dig my songs upFrom your soilAnd spin a melodyOf corn blades,Top-fodder,Crab-grass,And a clean-plowed furrow. I’ve come to sing and grope–With a people who knowDeep songs,Who stumble upA long crooked road…. I’ve come becauseYour great silent agonyEchoed everywhere And the weary foot-stepsOf […]

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