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When the Grand Jury met, he was not there to appear against me

The following was brought by my father’s first cousin, Roy Hodges, to the family gathering following my uncle’s funeral in 1985. It was handwritten, and in pencil. James Pinkney Pittman (1855-1946) was the grandfather of my father, Victor Randolph Pittman, Jr. The handwritten text ended in mid-sentence on the last page of the steno pad. […]


‘I Remember’ at Gadsden Museum of Art

The Gadsden Museum of Art is pleased to announce the opening of the temporary exhibition, I Remember. This is the third year that the museum will host the exhibit, which runs in correlation with Veteran’s Day. The intent at its inception was to honor and highlight the contributions and efforts of the men and women of Etowah County who have served in combat. This year, the theme focuses on the home front and the effects of the war on the families that were left behind when a loved one went to serve their country overseas.

After a public call for memorabilia, the museum received many items, particularly from families of the World War II era. Many of the items on display are from this time period, including sweetheart pins and jewelry, original framed posters and newspapers, and everyday ephemera that feature military or wartime propaganda. Pro-American and military imagery were commonplace on the home front during this time, and the exhibit highlights some of these items.

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