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Miss America 1924 drives a Dagmar

Long before the well-endowed Hollywood starlet of the 1950’s, there was a Dagmar car, built from 1922-1926 in Hagerstown, MD by the M. P. Möller Motor Car Company. This luxury sedan was named for the one of Dr. Mathias P. Möller’s daughters. The make’s emblem was a pipe organ. The Danish industrialist by that point […]


Mr. Hager took pains to point out the quality of the land which he intended to give

The matter was brought about in this way. “I had proposals made to me,” Daniel Hiester, Jr. stated many years afterwards, “by the late Mr. Hager to be connected with his family. I was then young, and had not before that time had any serious thoughts of contracting a marriage. But those proposals came from […]


First bookmobile in the country

In honor of National Bookmobile Day, April 17. “Psychologically, the wagon is the thing,” commented librarian Mary Lemist Titcomb of the project she is most remembered for. “One can no easier resist the pack of a peddler from the Orient as a shelf full of books when the doors of the wagon are opened at […]

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