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New Historical Marker Marks Graves of 2 in Hatfield-McCoy Feud

The Kentucky Historical Society will unveil a new historical marker today at a cemetery with ties to the Hatfield-McCoy feud. The marker tells about Nancy McCoy Phillips and her husband, Frank Phillips. The 4 p.m. unveiling will be in Phillips Cemetery, 899 Phillips Branch Road, Phelps. One side of the marker notes that Frank Phillips […]


Dean King’s Feud Fable

Of the scores of whoppers in Dean King’s ‘Feud’ book, some are extremely maddening to me, as a descendant of both Hatfields and McCoys, while others made me literally laugh out loud. Many of King’s yarns conflict directly with the sparse documentary record, while others are so egregiously exaggerated that they could not be believed by any sentient reader.


Dean King’s “Feud” — fresh eyes on America’s most famous quarrel

One day in the fall of 1854, when he was fifteen, Anse Hatfield went out in the forest to bag some squirrels for the stew pot, something he had done many times before. Gangly, on his way to six feet, Anse, whose mother called him Ansie, was always on the move, slipping adroitly through the trees, already with the signature Hatfield slouch in his gait.


A Hatfield shoots a non-McCoy

New Victim Falls by Hatfield PistolCharleston, WV: Jan 1— Dr. Edwin O. Thornhill, aged 35, a well-known physician and business man of the southern section of West Virginia, was shot dead today in a drug store at Mullens by Willis Hatfield, son of the noted feudist, “Devil Anse” Hatfield. The physician was attending an injured […]

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