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Filmmaker Beth Harrington discusses the making of her Carter Family documentary

The saga of the Carters, and their influence on music and musicians, would be a great story to tell someday, I thought. No one had really made a big film that connected the dots between the foundational family at the genesis of what we now call country music and the people who came after. There were so many people – not just my rockabilly women – who used the Carters’ music as a springboard for further musical exploration. Artists in folk, country and rock had a debt to this seminal family. And chief among them was Johnny Cash.


Dark as a Dungeon

Oh come all you young fellers so young and so fineSeek not your fortune in a dark dreary mineIt’ll form as a habit and seep in your soulTill the stream of your blood runs as black as the coal Where it’s dark as a dungeon damp as the dewdanger is double pleasures are fewWhere the […]

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