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His horse, saddle bags, and himself slipped into the river and went under

Dr. William James Glass, Sr. (b. 1879) owned about twenty-five saddle horses. He made an effort to buy the very best. The average horse he bought would last about three years, but he had a few wonderful horses that lasted him much longer. Prior to 1916, he used the horses year around. Following that time, […]


The ingredients so happily blended in this water

1887 ad for Thompson’s Bromine-Arsenic Springs Water — Thompson’s Bromine-Arsenic Springs Water is offered to the public as a gift of nature for the alleviation and cure of many of the ills to which the human family is subject. Wherever it is known it has the unqualified approval of physicians in the treatment of impurities […]


West Virginia’s first female physician

Morgantown Post, Nov 13, 1937 – People of State Owe Much to Dr. Harriet B. Jones First Woman To Be Doctor In The State Served in Legislature – Pioneered in Fight Against Tuberculosis Eighty-one years old and in the late stages of a long and honorable career in medicine, statecraft, politics, and public welfare, Dr. […]

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