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The Overalls Club Movement of 1920

“The revolt against the high cost of living, expressed in the nation-wide formation of old-clothes leagues, overalls clubs, and lunchbasket clubs, is highly significant in that it is the first indication of protest to come from a class which has been a silent and patient sufferer during all the clashes that have taken place between […]


The SC house the old Confederate veterans called home

After her father died in 1904, Frances Miles Hagood (aka “Miss Queen”) inherited his house in Pickens, SC. That same year she married Judge Thomas J. Mauldin, and the two of them remodeled the Hagood house from a simple farmhouse with a detached kitchen to a sumptuous Classical Revival dwelling. They added a detached law […]


Acres of pink, orange, and purple azaleas in Pickens

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the Azalea Festival in Pickens, SC. Last year about 15,000 people swelled the streets of this town of 5,000 in search of classic cars, a pet pageant, hot air balloon rides, and of course, acres and acres of pink, orange, and purple azaleas. The extravagant use of floral […]

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