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We mean death to the distillery and the brewery

Madison County, KY native Frances Estill Beauchamp (1857-1923) spearheaded the late nineteenth century antiliquor crusade in Kentucky and was a leading figure in the temperance movement nationwide. Beauchamp was a devout Presbyterian and embraced the temperance lifestyle at an early age. She became active in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in 1886, when a […]


Book Excerpt: ‘Images of America: Harriman’

Harriman has a unique history. Incorporated in 1891 as a temperance town in the Appalachians, Harriman was intended to be “an object lesson for thrift, sobriety, intelligence, and exalted moral character, where workers would be uncorrupted by Demon Rum,” as the historical marker explains. The city’s founders envisioned a model city for the world in which Victorian morality could be commercialized for both the betterment of mankind and for business profit. Harriman’s founders believed so strongly in this vision that many of them mortgaged their futures on it.

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